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Commercial Cattle

Classes for commercial cattle section

Head of Section Michael Dolan Contact No 086-8251931

The Commercial Cattle have long been a favorite attraction, for both spectators and competitors at Tullamore Show.
With are a record number of 330 entries for 2018, there is a total 28 classes including 12 Calf Classes and 12 Senior Classes.
The prize fund of over €20,300 in Commercial Cattle, is shared between 28 classes.

In 2018, we have made more improvements in the commercial section, with a relocation of the commercial rings alongside the Pedigree rings.  We have added some new classes in the commercial section, ‘Best Charolais Society X Heifer or Bullock with no more than 2 permanent teeth’ and Dawn Meat Traditional Beef animal weighing up to 750kg and classes for Charolais X calf, male and female.

All the calf classes are determined by weight and breed, proving this section to be showing the top commercial calves in the country.

We must not forget the young stars of the future, as they compete in the young stockperson classes, ranging from ages 12-16 years and 17-26 years.

The livestock breeders in Ireland and beyond regard a win in Tullamore Show as the pinnacle of success. In 2016, we had six new exhibitors win their first first place red rosette. This can be an emotional achievement for any breeder and it makes all the hard work worthwhile.

We aim to reflect and inform farmers of the changes in the Beef industry while meeting consumer demands in both the national and international market over the last number of years. Highlights of the section include the ‘Moyvalley Meats €2,000 Commercial Factory Bullock’, ‘Kepak Championship for the Best Factory Animal of the Future’ and the ‘Dawn Meats €2,000 Factory Heifer Championship’.

Head of Section, Michael Dolan recalls excellent entries in classes last year and is delighted to see such an increase again in 2018 for Commercial classes. ‘Entries are strong across all classes, especially the Charolais X Heifer or Bullock class.Very high entries in the three Meat Factories Championships and in the Calf and senior classes.’

The excitement concludes with the announcement of the FBD National Livestock Show Commercial Champion for both Calf and Senior Cattle, which sees 1st prize winners of the day competing for the much sought after coveted Gold and Silver Medals, rosettes and sashes.

2 rings will operate for part of the day with two judges present


Commercial Cattle

Judging Timetable: Commencing at 10:00 am

Commercial Cattle Timetable 2017 ; RING 12
Time  Event Location
10:00 am  Calf Breed Classes     Ring 12
 1:00 pm FBD Young Stockperson of the Year     Ring 12
 1:30 pm Calf Weight Classes     Ring 12
 3:30 pm KEPAK Beef Factory Animal of the Future     Ring 12
 4:15 pm Commercial Calf Championship    Ring 12  


Commercial Cattle Timetable 2017 : RING 13
Time  Event Location
10:00 am Bullock Classes     Ring 13
11:40 am Heifer/Bullock Classes     Ring 13
12:00 pm MOYVALLEY MEATS €2,000 Commercial Factory Bullock Ring 13
12:30 pm DAWN MEATS €2,000 Factory Heifer Championship Ring 13
  1:00 pm Heifer Classes Ring 13
 4:00 pm Commercial Senior Championship Ring 13


Parade of Champions 2017
Time Event Location
4:30 pm approx. Parade of FBD National Livestock Show Champions where the specially commissioned Gold and Silver medals will be presented Ring 5/6


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