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Sheep Dog Trials

A reliable dog is an essential part of a sheep farmer's life

At this year's show, the public have the opportunity to see the working collie in action at the Sheepdog Trials. This is a speed completion, run in an enclosed area, in which the handler has to get his/her dog to drive four sheep around a set obstacle course.

Both experienced and young handlers will take part in this exciting competition.

This competition tests both the speed and the skill of the handler and the dog.
It is run in an enclosed arena, measured 60 x 120 yds.
The handler must complete, without error, a prescribed course against the clock.
This course consists of driving four sheep in a figure of 8 around two barrels, twice through a Maltese Cross and into a small pen, without penalties, in the fastest time.

Eight fastest runs go through to the final.

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