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Pedigree Sheep

Competitons for the Sheep section

Head of Section Peter Donohue Contact No 0858056889

Last but certainly not least in the final area of the AIB National Livestock, the Sheep section includes 73 pedigree and 9 commercial classes, covering the Texel, Vendeen, Suffolk, Charollais, Rouge De L’Ouest, Galway, Beltex, Welsh Lleyn, Jacob, Belclare, Zwartbles, and Border Leicester breeds.

Competitions have been continued on  this year for young people, who wish to compete for the   Junior Sheep Stockperson of the AIB National Livestock Show.  

Two new breeds were introduced in the Pedigree sheep section over recent years; Zwartbles and Border Leicester.

Judging Timetable: Commencing at 11.00 a.m.

Time                      Event

11.00 a.m.             Texel

1.00 p.m.               Rouge de L’Ouest

11.00 a.m.             Belclare

11.45 a.m.             Galway

12.30 p.m.             Charollais

1.30 p.m.               Border Leicester

11.00 a.m.             Zwartables

11.45 p.m.             Jacob

12.30 p.m.             Vendeen

1.45 p.m.               Suffolk

11.00 a.m.            Beltex

12.15 p.m.           Welsh Lleyn

2.00 p.m.             Commercial Sheep

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