A relatively new addition to the Show's competitions

Head of Section Conor Camon Mobile No 086-0732526


Entry fee: €6 per animal per class.


Alpacas are one of four types of Camelids living in South America, the wild Vicuna and Guanaco and the domesticated Alpaca and Lama.

Alpacas look somewhat like either a small lama, being about a third to half their size, or a tall and very elegant sheep with long legs and a long graceful neck.

Even seeing them on television or in pictures cannot prepare you for the delight of actually moving amongst them.

Alpacas produce a wonderful soft, strong and dense fleece.  It is ‘hair’ rather than wool and is made of hollow fibres and has wonderful insulating qualities.

Judging is based on 60% fleece and 40% conformation of the animal.

8.00am to 10.00am- Exhibits accepted for penning.

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