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Catherine Leydon Home Baking

2:00 pm - INDOOR WORKSHOP PAVILION 1 Question & Answer Session

 Catherine Leyden is Odlums' Brand Ambassador and Home Baking expert. Catherine has been providing consumers with simple, easy to follow recipes for over 40 years and has helped to make home baking a fun and enjoyable task for all ages. At The Tullamore Show Catherine will be happy to answer all the baking related questions you have!!

Having learned how to cook from her mother and granny, Catherine's career began after studying home economics at college.

She got a job travelling around the country promoting fan oven baking, and then joined Odlums as their home economist and cookery advisor. She has since gained the title of brand ambassador.

Catherine's TV career came about 11 years ago, when she went on the show to promote porridge-eating.

Her feisty manner and hilarious banter with Alan Hughes went down a storm, and she was invited back three weeks later. The "Odlums Woman" had arrived.

Catherine's job involves coming up with ideas and recipes for new products, and she worked with Odlums' bakers on its new 'Bake Your Own Mixes' range, which include three scone mixes and five bread mixes.

"As I'm a baker myself, I want to get people back baking," claims Catherine.

She is very involved in the research and development of new mixes and stuff at Odlums. The breads are all healthy and there is a buzz about health at the minute, although she says she gets a bigger responses on TV for the most fattening chocolate cake recipes than I ever would for a healthy bread."

So come along to the Talks, Tips and Hints Pavilion to hear the Queen of Baking's Tips and Hints.


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