Experience Offaly Pavilion

Offaly enterprises at your service

The Experience Offaly Pavilion will showcase craft, tourism and food businesses from around the county on Sun 11th August 2019. We have wonderful and varied exhibits of local food and crafts.

This area of the Show will stock delicious, locally produced goods to give entrepreneurs from the surrounding area the best opportunity available to promote and sell their wares.

This is one of a number of initiatives designed to help people set-up and develop to grow their business.

It will give people an opportunity to see some of the elements and attractions in the midlands and will show why a longer visit to the area is well worthwhile. 

Sponsors: Local Enterprise Office Offaly

                 Offaly Local Development Company

                 Offaly County Council

This is a must-see at this year’s show, where you can taste a range of delicious, locally produced food while also displaying custom made furniture, handmade jewellery, soft furnishing and gift items all showcasing the diverse and artistic talents of Offaly Enterprises.

This one of a number of initiative designed to help people setting up or growing their business. The Enterprise Offaly Pavilion will be packed with an insight into all that is best in Offaly to make your stay in the area a thoroughly wonderful experience.