Dolores Dempsey Embroidery


Mountmellick Embroidery came into being in the 1820's and although it has stayed pure to it’s origins it has evolved over the years for different uses.

Dolores Dempsey will explain the intricate work and techniques used in Mountmellick Lace to us at this focused workshop for all embroidery aesthetes and aficionados and people interested in learning about this craft.

Dolores has collaborated with Heidi Higgins, a renowned fashion designer, to bring the Mountmellick Embroidery into the 21st century by unifying this traditional craft with her modern design. The inspiration of unifying this traditional craft with modern design while maintaining Heidi’s feminine aesthetic brought about the Mountmellick Dress. Through this collaboration this internationally appreciated local tradition will be introduced to a whole new generation once again.

Enjoy Dolores's explanation and tips on the intricate work of Mountmellick Embroidery at 11:45 am on Show Day in the Indoor Workshop Pavillion.