Joanne Byrne, Herbal Drinks


Joanne Eve Byrne is extremely passionate about food. From a young age she has always had a love for baking and cooking. Joanne enjoys working with fresh, wholesome foods. This passion stemmed from her grandparents who had a love for all types of cuisine along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Now days, we can be under a lot of time constraints and are always on the go. As a result, wholesome, fresh foods become more of a time consuming, luxury meal. Generally, we tend to be rushing out the door with convenience foods trying to save as much time as we possibly can.


At the Tullamore Show Joanne will be going through some easy smoothie drinks which can be made quickly and in advance too in order to save you some time. Smoothies are fantastic to use on the go, ensuring that you are optimizing vitamin and micronutrient intake without even having to think about it. Joanne will also be looking at how to extend the shelf life of your typical fruit and vegetables along with creating some tasty drinks. This demo is guaranteed to be veg-licious! 

So stop by the indoor Workshop Pavilion at 11 am to hear all about Joannes recipes for smoothie drinks.