Pat Lalor Kilbeggan Organic


Pat speaks confidently on all matters organic, and will be especially focusing on porridge oats. 

Pat is the founder of Kilbeggan Organic Foods, and is both a farmer and a shop keeper at the same time. See his full bio below in the Ear to the Ground coverage of Pat recently. 

Kilbeggan Organic Foods was established in January 2011. This is a family business run by the Lalor Family to produce and market Organic food products based on the organic oat crop grown on the family farm, Ballard Organic Farm.

Organic oats have been grown at Ballard Organic Farm for several years and because the crop was of such a high standard, it was decided to develop the grain into products which could be marketed under our own brand, Kilbeggan Organic Foods.

Stop by our tent at 11:00 am to hear all the tips and hints Pat has to offer.