Further proof that the midlands is overflowing with musical talent these days comes in the shape of Stephen Rosney and The Back Axles.

Stephen is a brother of country star Ciaran Rosney, and The Back Axles were formerly known as Roslyn. While the band name and some of the line-up may have changed, the music has remained the same, and by the same we mean simply this: top class!

It won't take more than a few moments of hearing Stephen and his boys strike up a tune before it becomes perfectly clear why they've been signed to the Hypermedia Nashville label by Max T. Barnes, the songwriter behind a string of country hits, among them 'Love, Me' by Collin Raye, and 'Before You Kill Us All' by Randy Travis. In fact, Barnes and Rosney have even teamed up to write together, with Robert Mizzell recording their track 'God Bless The Farmer' on his latest album, 'Travelling Shoes.' Max T. might even join Stephen and The Back Axle boys for a song or two this year, and if he does, well that's certainly a set you'll want to catch!