Livestock: Irish Holstein Freisian 50th Anniversary

   23 Jul 2015

Together with the AIB NCS Medallion and Prize money, the winner of each class in the 25 Holstein Friesian classes will receive a specially commissioned medal to celebrate the Irish Holstein Friesian Association’s 50th Anniversary.

With a good level of entries in these classes, the competition promises to be very keen for these awards.

The Irish Friesian Breeders Association (I.F.B.A.) was formed in 1965 as part of the British Friesian Cattle Society which later formed Holstein UK and Ireland (H.U.K.I.). In 1991 the Irish Holstein Friesian Association (I.H.F.A.) was established and afforded greater autonomy from Holstein UK (H.U.K.)With the establishment of the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (I.C.B.F.) database in 2002 the IHFA transferred all its data including decades of ancestry and performance detalils to the ICBF database and commenced registering all Pedigree Holstein Friesians through the Irish database and operating an independent Irish herdbook.

The Irish Holstein Friesian Association (IHFA) is a member owned organisation directed by an IHFA board which is directly elected from its 3,700 members in 15 club areas. The association is licenced by the Department Of Agriculture to issue ancestry and pedigree registration certificates. The IHFA is responsible for the validity and upkeep of the herdbook of Holstein Friesian cattle and for giving direction to the development and promotion of the breed in Ireland through its many events and services. The association offers a grade-up service, whereby commercial dairy cows can be graded to full pedigree in three simple steps.