The 'Meat Village' Development

   14 Mar 2012

The 'Meat Village' Developement            

The Tullamore Show & AIB National Livestock show will be progressing with plans for new features and additions, which will further enhance an already packed programme for the show this year. The show, which attracted an attendance in the region of 60,000 in 2011, is taking place on Sunday 12th August next, on Butterfield Estate, Blueball, Tullamore, Co.Offaly.

The agenda for the National Livestock Show has, to date, focused mainly on the competitive elements involving cattle and sheep. This year, the committee are progressing the programme to include a furhter devolopement to our educational and better practice theme in 'The Meat Village'  which was introduced last year.  It will include contributions from a number of stakeholders, including meat factories, food producers, retailers, exhibitors and consumers. The project is already attracting the interest of a number of international processors and we paln on devoloping the overall international aspects of the project.

This unique development will be a broad spectrum educational project, targeting the agricultural and general community, updating them on many of the changing elements of the industry and lifestyle. The stakeholders will provide oppertunity for processors to engage with the producers, while highlighting the requirements for the market place, producers sharing knowledge with the retaile and they in turn whetting the palate of the consumers with mouth-watering tastes of best value products.