Livestock Classes packed with Excitement

   24 Apr 2018

With competitions opening this week, the line up of classes is building.

With competitions as the core element of the Show, there will be over 1,500 competitors vying to share in the massive prize fund of €176,000, not to mention the coveted gold medals, which have become the hallmark of excellence in livestock production and provide for very keen competition of the crème de la crème in the FBD National Livestock Show.

The highlights in the Dairy Section this year features 4 championships in the Jersey, Shorthorn and Holstein Friesian breeds.  Young people will have the opportunity of competing in 6 showmanship classes, which should cater for all ages and interests. The overall prize fund in dairy exceeds €21,000, with the National Holstein heifer in milk and the National Senior Cow in milk each having a prize fund of €2,500, together with rosettes and medallions. The gold medals are awarded to the Champions of each breed and are presented during the Parade of Champions at the end of the day.

The Pedigree Cattle section will have over 200 classes, for no less than 13 breeds, while it being the National Show for the Limousin, Charolais, Hereford and Simmental Societies.  Included in the Angus classes is the Angus Beef Ireland National Calf Championships, with €1,000 prize fund for each of 6 classes. The Salers Society are also hosting their National Calf Championship, with 4 classes having a €500 prize fund in each class.  The other breeds being catered for in the Pedigree section of the FBD National Livestock Show are Belgian Blue, Aubrac, Piemontese, Irish Moiled, Blondes, Parthenaise and Beef Shorthorn.

The Commercial Cattle section will operate in 2 rings to facilitate the 28 classes, carrying a prize fund of almost €20,000.  All the regular classes will feature in the commercial programme with one of the new elements being the Blonde D’Aquitane Golden Heifer Championship.  There will be 2 qualifying classes, one for Blonde x heifers up to 450 kgs and one for heifers up to 2 year old on show day. There will be €400 prizemoney for each of these classes but the heifer chosen as the overall champion of these classes will be purchased by the Blonde D’Aquitaine Society for €3,000 on the day, so owners must be prepared to sell the animal.

For the 2018 FBD National Livestock Show, the Sheep Section will have 14 breeds involved, in addition to the young handler competition.  The Blue Faced Leicester breed will have additional classes for group of 3, one being for a ram and his 2 daughters and another for a ram and his 2 sons.  These classes are very popular in the UK and it will be the first time they will be held in Ireland. The classes for the Lleyn breed will feature as their All Ireland this year.

Pigs and Alpacas will feature in the competitive element of the FBD National Livestock Show, with it being the National Fleece Show for Alpacas, but there will be displays of alpaca animals for people to see and learn about.  There will even be demonstrations of shearing the alpaca. The entertainment in the pig section should be good as it is planned to have the pig agility show taking place throughout the day, when spectators will be invited to compete with their friends.  The pig section will have 10 competitive classes, with 5 classes for traditional breeds and 5 classes for modern breeds. Champions and reserve champions from each section will compete for the Pig of the Year. 

We are excited to launch the competition schedule this week for all!