Livestock-Live will be launched in Ireland at the Tullamore Show

   23 Jul 2014

2014 sees the launch of on-line trading platform at the Tullamore Show & AIB National Livestock Show.

2 X Prime Beef Livestock animals for sale will start trading at a "Reserve Price of 1 Euro"

The highest bidder can collect the animals at Tullamore Show on 10th August 2014. Be one of the first to trade on-line with "". All bids must be made on line at prior to 10th August 2014

LiveStock Live Limited is a new innovative trading platform, which allows buyers and sellers of livestock (animals) and non-livestock products (straw, hay, animal feed etc) to trade stock LiveStock Live ( is a major sponsor and partner of The Tullamore Show & AIB National Livestock Show is the first On-Line Livestock Trading Platform where buyers and sellers of livestock and non-livestock products (straw, hay, animal feed, tractor etc) can be traded (bought and sold) on line, through a secure guaranteed on-line payment platform.

Sellers can load and manage their livestock and non-livestock products "free" onto platform like e-bay, set the reserve price and go about their normal day's business.

LiveStock Live will trade the for sale stock for the seller and allow bids above the reserve (minimum required sale price by the seller) and auto accept the highest price at the end of the auction.

Buyers can bid or set their highest price (ceiling price) for any animal or non-livestock product item and also go about their day's business and on-line

Platform will bid on their stock or item. At the end of the auction the highest bidder will secure the purchase.

All bidders must have pre-secured funds in the buyer's, personal trading account to bid for stock or items which gives sellers piece of mind the buyer has the secured guaranteed funds to pay for the stock/items they are bidding on. buyers pre-funded accounts are guaranteed and secured.

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