Tullamore Show to launch Open Competition for Hand Shearers at this year's show!

   11 Jul 2012

The Tullamore Show with the Irish Sheep Shearers Association are delighted to launch the open competitions at this years event

Hand Shearing at the Tullamore Show 2012

(Entry is €5. 1st Prize=€100, 2nd Prize=€80, 3rd Prize=€60, 4th Prize=€40. Medals will also be presented. SPONSOR: Novartis)

Following the resounding success of last year's sheep shearing demonstrations at the Tullamore Show, the Irish Sheep Shearer’s Association has agreed to hold an open competition for hand shearers at this years event. This is a highly skilled shearing technique performed exclusively by hand using a blade shears.

Until the introduction of machines in the 1880's, all sheep were shorn using hand operated shears. But, this craft is far from dieing out and even now there are parts of the world where blade shearing retains a cost effective advantage over machine shearing. It is estimated that at least 25% of the world’s sheep are still shorn by hand, in areas such as Africa, South America, China and Russia.

In Ireland, hand shearing has enjoyed a renewal in popularity and general public interest. This is mainly due to the success of the Irish team at the Golden Shears World Championships in recent years. Ireland has been noted as having some of the best, and most committed blade shearers in the world.

Kerry man - Patrick Moran currently holds the record for Ireland and the British Isles with a record of hand shearing 208 sheep in 9 hours. Ireland is also well represented in the world competitions, their most recent giving Ireland the acoldade of 6th place.

Hand shearing has also grown as a very enjoyable spectators sport. On the day of the show, onlookers can look forward to witnessing a spectacular display of stamina and flair.

In association with Irish Sheep Shearers Association, we will launch the day with demonstrations both in machine and handshearing. This will be followed by the heats and will end with the  competition final.

Entry forms are available from the show office (info@tullamoreshow.com) Class 1050 and the entry fee is €5.