05 Aug 2021

To help celebrate our 2021 Show day 

Don't forget to tune into our Social Media platforms on Sunday 8th August 2021. 

Lots of giveaways and throwbacks throughout the day. 

This week we celebrate our 2021 Show through our social media platforms. So why not come and join us on Sunday 8th August 2021 

We have an action packed day and some of our highlighted events are as follows: 

A video of Jim Dockery from Towra Angus                      1.30 pm
A Message from our Minister of agriculture                     2.30 pm
Baking with Catherine Leydon                                         3.45 pm
A Message from FBD our title Sponsors                           5 pm
We revisit our 2019 Parade of champions                        5.15 pm
We are joined with the very talented Alex Roe                 8pm

Many more well wishes and random giveaway through the day.