Show Timetables

Times may vary slightly on the day in some areas.

DAIRY SECTION   -  Head of Section  -  Tommy Finlay -087 987 3373

Judging Timetable Commencing at 10.00 a.m.

10.00 am Holstein Friesian – confined

10.00 am Jersey

11.00 am NLS Young Showmanship Challenge 2011

11.30 am Pure Holstein Friesian – National classes

11.30 am Dairy Shorthorn

12.15 pm Irish Society Registered Pedigree Dairy Shorthorn Cow on milk

12.15 pm National Holstein Friesian Classes

1.15 pm Holstein Friesian Junior Dairy Champion

2.00 pm Super €2,500 National Holstein in-milk Heifer

2.30pm €2,500 FBD National Livestock Show Senior Cow In-Milk

2.45 pm National Breeding Cow Family Championship

3.45 pm FBD National Senior Holstein Championship

5.00 pm Parade of FBD National Livestock Show Champions where the specially commissioned Gold and Silver medals will be presented.


PEDIGREE CATTLE SECTION  -  Head of Section  -  Trevor Chadwick -085 801 1963

Judging Timetable - Commencing at

10.00 am Angus & Stockperson

10.00 am Beef Shorthorn

10.00 am Belgian Blue

10.00 am Charolais

10.00 am Hereford National Show

10.00 am Limousin National Show

10.00 am Simmental

10.00 am Salers

12.30 pm Blonde d’Aquitaine

1.00 pm Parthenaise

1.00 pm Aubrac

4.00 pm Parade of FBD NATIONAL LIVESTOCK SHOW CHAMPIONS in Ring 5 & 6, where the specially commissioned Gold and Silver medals will be presented


COMMERCIAL CATTLE  -  Head of Section  - Michael Dolan -086 825 1931

Judging Timetable - Commencing at

10.00 am Bullock Classes

10.00 am Heifer Classes

10.00 am Calf Classes

12.00 pm Dunbia €3000 Commercial Steer Championship

12.20 pm FBD Young Stockperson of the Year

2.00 pm Beef Factory Animal of the Future

2.30 pm Dawn Meats €2000 Factory Heifer Championship

4.15 pm Senior Championship


SHEEP SECTION  -  Head of Section -  Peter Donohue -085 805 6889

Judging Timetable - Commencing at:

Ring 1
11.00 Texel
1.00 Rouge de l’Ouest
1.30 Stockperson

Ring 2
11.00 Belclare
11.45 Galway
12.30 Charollais
1.30 Border Leiscester

Ring 3
11.00 Zwartables
11.45 Jacob
12.30 Vendeen
1.45 Suffolk

Ring 4
11.00 Beltex
12.15 Welsh Lleyn
1.30 Commercial Sheep


EQUESTRIAN EVENTS:   Head of Section -  Austin Colton -086 820 9115

10.00am Arena 1 (Horses)
9.00am Arena 2 (Ponies)

Horse Showing Programme
Ring 1
10.00a.m. Non Thoroughbred Classes (381-392)
Ring 3
10.00a.m. Ridden Hunters

(Ring split in Evening for showing Classes, Becomes Ring 2 & Ring 3)

Ring 2/3
2.00p.m. Connemara
Welsh Pony
Pony Stock
Ring 4
10.00a.m. Ponies Working Hunter
2.00p.m. Horses Working Hunter

Ring 5
10.30a.m. Coloured Cobs Stalin Demonstration
11.00a.m. Clydesdales
1.00p.m. Log Pulling Demonstration
2.00p.m. Miniature Horse & pony

Ring 6
10.00a.m. Family Pony Section
12.30p.m Carriage Driving

(Please note carriage driving maybe moved to another ring due to timing delays)

4.30p.m. Stalin Demonstration

Show jumping entries will be taken on the Field on Show Day.

NB Membership of the SJI is required to enter Show Jumping Classes.
Temporary membership can be taken out on the day when entering.

Show Jumping -- Head of Section - Rosie Mealiffe -085 1353188

Horses Arena 1 – 10.00am Entry fee €15 & €20
Class 364 80cm
Prize Fund €150
Class 365 90cm
Prize Fund €150
Class 366 1.00m
Prize Fund €150
Class 367 1.10m
Prize Fund €200
Class 368 1.20m
Prize Fund €200

Ponies Arena 2 – 10.00am Entry fee €15

Class 369 148cm-90cm                                                                                                                                            Prize Fund €150

Class 370 1.48cm-1.00m
Prize Fund €150
Class 371 1.48cm-1.10m
Prize Fund €150

Class 373 Newcomers
Prize Fund Goods in Kind
Class 374 128cm-80cm
Prize Fund €100
Class 375 128cm-90cm
Prize Fund €100
Class 376 128cm-1.00m
Prize Fund €150
Class 377 138cm-180cm
Prize Fund €100
Class 378 138cm-80cm
Prize Fund €100
Class 379 138cm-1.00m
Prize Fund €150


ARENA SHEEPDOG TRIALS -  Head of Section  - Vincent Keaveney -087 695 9784

This competition tests both the speed and the skill of the handler and the dog. It is run in an enclosed arena, measured 60 x 120 yds. The handler must complete, without error, a prescribed course against the clock. This course consists of driving four sheep in a figure of 8 around two barrels, twice through a Maltese Cross and into a small pen, without penalties, in the fastest time.

Eight fastest runs go through to the final.

Time Activity

10.30 am Demonstration -By Eamon Egan, Teagasc, Roscommon, on the skills involved in training a farm dog

11.00 am Open Class commences

1.30 pm Demonstration -By Eamon Egan on the skills involved in training a farm dog

2.00 pm Young Handlers

3.00 pm Open Class Final


On the 11th of August, the country’s top sheep shearers will flock to the Tullamore Show to participate in the hand shearing and machine shearing classes.
George Graham shall be displaying the ‘Bowen Method’ of shearing on the day; a method used by shearers the world over, holding the world record of shearing 481 sheep in 9 hours.
The 13 time all-Ireland shearing champion Pat Corrigan will instruct punters in hand shearing using the ‘jacket and trousers method’.
Finally, Seamus Dooley, a leading wool merchant, will explain how farmers should store wool correctly.
Time Activity
10.30 am Demonstration -By George Graham -A demonstration of the Godfrey Bone method of sheep searing.

11.00 am Heats for blade searing

12.00 pm Heats for junior machine classes

1.00 pm Open class machine shearing

2.00p.m. Finals for heats commence


€2,000 NATIONAL INVENTIONS AWARDS - Head of Section -Lesley Cox -085 105 1636

1. Inventions in Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry.
2. Inventions in Home, Leisure and Building
3. Labour Saving Device

The results will be announced at 3.30 pm

Exhibits can be new inventions or modifications to existing inventions.
A representative from the Government Patent Office may attend

Sponsors: The Farming Independent
W.R. Shaw, Rosenallis, Co. Laois
Glenngorey Pumps Ltd, Newbridge, Co. Kildare


POULTRY    Head of Section  -  Tim Kruger -0872902950

Time Activity

8.00 am to 10.00 am Exhibitors accepted for penning.

11.00 am Judging commences. (Marquee is open while judging)

3.00 pm Results and Presentation of Redmills All Ireland Championship

5.30 pm Birds may be removed.

Sponsors: Glanbia, Mountmellick, Co. Laois.  & Supervalu, Portarlington


DOG SHOW - Head of Section  -   Vincent Bermingham -087 252 1402
Showing classes: Nutts about Pets
Robbie’s Tyres
H & G Veterinary
Mike Daly Landscaping

Obedience classes: Hair Flair, Tullamore
Championship: Dorothy & Vincent Bermingham

Prizes: All First placing receive Trophy & Rosette
For all showing classes: Dog Food
For all Obedience classes: Dog Food
Champion: Perpetual Cup & Rosette
Reserve Champion: Rosette


Rules & Conditions:
• Judging commences at 12 noon sharp
• All Dogs must be led and remain on lead in the Showgrounds
• Each Dog can only enter into a maximum of 3 classes
• A puppy Class – confined to Dogs over 6 months and under 1 year old.
• All classes – confined to Dogs over 6 months.

Agility Exhibition
Will take place throughout the day


ALPACAS AT TULLAMORE SHOW  -  Head of Section  - Richard Langford 086 070 0053

Time Activity

8.00 a.m. to 9.00a.m. Exhibits accepted for penning.
9.00 a.m. Judging commences.

Judging is based on 60% fleece and 40% confirmation of the animal.


Rare Breeds Exhibition

Don’t forget the Pets Corner and Rare Breeds Section – near the Children’s Entertainment area.

It will be packed with all sorts, including Goats, Llamas, Pigs of all sorts, Pigeons, etc.


HORTICULTURE and FARM PRODUCE  -  Head of Section - John Donohue -086 8290119

Saturday Evening 10th August

6 pm to 9 pm Exhibits will be accepted.

Sunday 11th August

8.00 – 10.30 am Exhibits accepted.

10.45 am Marquee CLOSED for judging
1.00 pm Marquee Opened for viewing. When judging is finished.
2.00 pm to 3.00 pm Results & Presentation for:
The four All Ireland Championships, ‘Best show’ and Special prizes.

The All Ireland Championships are;
• Bord Bia All Ireland Potato Championship,
• Single Rose Championship, ( Sponsor: Bly Hutton Bury)
• Bridge House All Ireland Championship for Collection of Vegetables,
• All Ireland Floral Artist of the Year 2012 ( Sponsor: Castle Paints)

2.30 – 4.30 pm All Ireland Junior Loy Digging (Outside Marquee)

5.30 – 6.30 pm Exhibits Returned.


COOKERY and FOOD SECTION -  Head of Section  -  Brenda Kiernan 086 171 8513

8.00 – 10.30 am Taking in Exhibits

10.30 am Marquee CLOSED for judging.
1.00 pm Marquee OPENED for viewing

3.00 pm Odlums All Ireland Home Cooking Championship
Results and Presentation

3.30 pm Results for:
• Ben Scally Centra Sugar Craft Competition
• Adult and Youth Most Entries Results
• Glenisk Yogurt Loaf
• Odlums Cheesecake

5.30 pm Selling Area available

5.30 – 6.30 pm Exhibits Returned (NO EXCEPTIONS)


CRAFTS and NEEDLEWORK  -  Head of Section - Phil Rigney -087 6613788

8.00 – 10.45 am Taking in Exhibits

10.45 am Marquee CLOSED for Judging

1.00 pm Marquee OPENED for viewing

1.15 pm Presentation of Brother Sewing Machine to the winner of the Patchwork Competition

5.30 – 6.30 pm Exhibits Returned


There will be on-going demonstrations in the craft marquee from 2 to 4 pm – well worth a visit.


ART and PHOTOGRAPHY  -  Head of Section - Ann Sheerin 087 1246722

8.00 – 10.45 am Accepting Exhibits

11.00 am Marquee Closed for Judging

12.30 pm Marquee open for viewing – lots to see including the results of the NEW Senior Poetry competition, which was introduced last year.

5.30 pm Collection of Exhibits.


FORESTRY and ENERGY VILLAGE  -  Head of Section - Liam Kelly 087 9090495

Theme: Forestry and Sustainable Living.

Displays Stands will be staffed all day, in new location on site.

Demonstration Area
11.00 – 5.00 pm

There will be continuous demonstrations each hour between
11 am and 5pm in each of 2 rings.

This area well deserves a visit.


MEAT VILLAGE  -  Head of Section - Leonard Dolan -086.6062925

The processors and exporters in the Meat Village this year will be: Dunbia, Dawn Meats, Irish Hereford Prime, Carroll Cuisine and Truly Irish. There will be business and product promotion, cattle exhibits and a variety of tastings, including some from Tesco. Also, in the Village the Bord Bia sponsored Cookery Demonstrations will take place. Drop by, enjoy the welcome and get the latest updates.

Cookery Demonstrations
Celebrity Chef Neven Maguire and Food Advisor, Sheila Kelly, will give the cookery demonstrations again this year, sponsored by Bord Bia. Grab your seat early to see mouth watering steak, lamb and pork dishes created followed by a yummy dessert!

11.30 a.m. Meat cuts and tips on preparing them to cook (Butcher and Chef)

12 noon Cookery Demonstration
Celebrity Chef, Neven Maguire, Bord Bia’s, Sheila Kelly

2.00 p.m. Meats for a Bar-B-Q
Meat flavour
Getting it ready (Butcher and Chef)

2.45 p.m. Cookery Demonstration
Celebrity Chef, Neven Maguire, Bord Bia’s, Sheila Kelly