Results for Class 271

FBD National Livestock Show Young Stockperson of the Year 2022 (12 to 16 Years)

Class No: 271
1st Place
Entry No:  6
Name:  Sarah O'neill
Prize:  Prize 1
2nd Place
Entry No:  16
Name:  Nichola Mulligan
Prize:  Prize 2
3rd Place
Entry No:  8
Name:  Sally Towey
Prize:  Prize 3
4th Place
Entry No:  7
Name:  John Barry Moran
Prize:  Prize 4
5th Place
Entry No:  4
Name:  William Stevenson
Prize:  Prize 5
6th Place
Entry No:  11
Name:  Jack O' Meara
Prize:  Prize 6
7th Place
Entry No:  14
Name:  Jack O' Meara
Prize:  Prize 7
8th Place
Entry No:  15
Name:  Matthew Ryan
Prize:  Prize 8
9th Place
Entry No:  5
Name:  Darragh O' Doherty
Prize:  Prize 9
10th Place
Entry No:  2
Name:  Mike Hannon
Prize:  Prize 10
11th Place
Entry No:  3
Name:  Mike Hannon
12th Place
Entry No:  20
Name:  Robbie Barnett
13th Place
Entry No:  1
Name:  Mike Hannon