Results for Class 278

KEPAK Championship for the Beef Factory Animal of the Future

Class No: 278
1st Place
Entry No:  14
Name:  Pearse Mc Namee
Prize:  Prize 1
2nd Place
Entry No:  15
Name:  Kieran Killeen
Prize:  Prize 2
3rd Place
Entry No:  20
Name:  Shane Giltinane
Prize:  Prize 3
4th Place
Entry No:  35
Name:  Mckinney Brothers
Prize:  Prize 4
5th Place
Entry No:  9
Name:  Shane Giltinane
Prize:  Prize 5
6th Place
Entry No:  16
Name:  Leah Staunton
Prize:  Prize 6
7th Place
Entry No:  25
Name:  Martin McLaughlin
Prize:  Prize 7
8th Place
Entry No:  33
Name:  Cian Mc Gloin
Prize:  Prize 8
9th Place
Entry No:  32
Name:  Clive Stevenson
Prize:  Prize 9
10th Place
Entry No:  19
Name:  Anthony Mc Loughlin
Prize:  Prize 10