Trade Stand Terms & Conditions

1. DEFINITIONS: Show means the Tullamore Show and FBD National Livestock Show, which is taking place on Butterfield Estate, Blueball, Tullamore on Sunday 12h August 2018.
APPLICATION FORM means the official application form or the online option issued by the Tullamore Show which includes the terms and details, for trade stand space at the Show.
EXHIBITOR means any person or body who/which has entered into an agreement with the Show management for a trade stand at the Show.
FEE means the fees specified in the Application and payable to the Show by the Exhibitor. VAT exempt.
STAND SPACE means the trade stand space on Site allocated to the Exhibitor by the Show personnel.
SHOW MANAGEMENT refers to the members of the Show Committee which have been allocated general or specific responsibility of managing the Show or different areas of the Show activities.

2. APPLICATION / ACCEPTANCE: Applications for trade stand space at the show must be made on the official on line application process. (Hard copies available on request) The application must be fully completed and the Exhibitor must agree to accept the relevant terms and conditions. In the event your application is not successful your payment will be returned, but refunds for any other reason will not be considered. Submission of application does not ensure allocation of trade space. Show management shall have absolute discretion as to the acceptance of any Application. Show management reserves the right in its absolute discretion to reject an application for exhibition space, to reduce trade stand allocation, withdraw permission or close down an exhibition stand. The exhibitor accepts that in applying for a stand allocation, he/she is doing so, without any statement or representation made by Tullamore Show Committee and accepts that the Committee will not be responsible for any loss of profits, consequential loss or any loss whatsoever arising by reason of their participation at the show. Exhibitors must obey all the rules of Tullamore Show Committee and obey any instruction from authorized personnel, before, during and after the show. Any disputes arising out of the conditions laid out by the Show Society, between exhibitors or between the Show Committee and exhibitors, shall be resolved at the absolute discretion of Tullamore Show Committee.

3. TRADING AND SELLING OF GOODS: The Tullamore Show will not entertain the trading of goods and services that have not been declared on the official Trade Stand applications. Trading and selling of goods which may cause harm/issues is strictly forbidden, e.g. pellet guns, knives, balloons, water pistols, etc. Trading / Selling should only take place from the allocated trade stand area. Failure to abide by these Terms & Conditions will result in the goods being seized / impounded and the trader in question will be required to leave the show grounds. Tullamore Show Committee will not entertain any claim for refund/rebate of entry fees or associated costs should this situation arise.

4. FEES: The details of the fees are outlined on Show website (www.tullamoreshow.com). The Exhibitor must pay the required full fees with the initial application. The Exhibitor shall remain liable for the Fee if the Exhibitor cancels after application. Cancellation of space is non-refundable and non-transferable. Bank charges will apply if currency other than the Euro is used. €6.50 will be charged for regular foreign currency. Other options will carry higher charges. Sponsors will receive some exhibition space free of charge, proportionate to their sponsorship contribution. Should additional space be required, payment for this additional space will be necessary. In order to qualify, sponsors must submit their sponsorship by Friday 25th May 2018.

5. ENTRY OF STAND EQUIPMENT and BUSINESS TIMES Access available from Tuesday 7 th August. All heavy equipment MUST be on exhibition stands by 6.00pm, Friday 10 th August. All access to site will cease from 2.00pm on Saturday 11 th August. (No exceptions) DUE TO SAFETY & SECURITY CONSIDERATIONS, NO REQUESTS TO BRING IN STAND EQUIPMENT ON SHOW DAY WILL BE ENTERTAINED, IRRESPECTIVE OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES. One vehicle car or van per Exhibitor will be allowed on Show grounds for the duration of the Show. The trade stand areas will be a PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC ONLY AREA after 9 am on Show day, Sunday 12th August. The Exhibitor shall ensure that its stand is attended and open for business by 9 a.m. on the day of the Show. Failing that, the chairman of the trade stand section shall be entitled to reallocate the stand space, with no refund of fees. All trade stands must be open for business from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm on show day. Stands must be completely dismantled and removed no later than Friday 17th August. Security responsibility of exhibitor. Non-compliance of this exit time will carry financial penalties.

6. SITE / STAND SPACE: Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate exhibitor space requirements, final allocation and location of exhibition space will be at the discretion of the Show Management. The Exhibitor shall report to the check in office and the trade stand supervisor on arrival to be shown the precise location of the Stand Space. No cars, trucks or vans must be parked in the exhibition area during the show, unless it is within their stand area. Vehicles must be parked in the exhibitor's car park, which is adjacent to the trade stands area. The Exhibitor shall ensure that all marquees, ropes, signs and other equipment are kept within the Stand Space at all times. The Exhibitor is not permitted to sub-let, transfer or share a Stand Space. Any activities that could infringe on the rights of other exhibitors must be avoided. The Exhibitor shall ensure that no damage is caused to the Site, within the Stand Space. Bark mulch can only be used if an underlay is first placed on the ground. After the Show, all mulch must be cleared from the site and disposed of offsite. The Exhibitor shall not sell refreshments, food or drink for immediate consumption, as this infringes our catering franchise agreement. Litter. The Exhibitor shall ensure that its Stand Space is tidy at all times and be responsible for proper disposal of any litter. The Exhibitor shall become liable to pay a fine of €200 for breach of these litter clauses.

7. CHANGES OR CANCELLATION: The Show management reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion (which shall include reference to weather forecasts and ground conditions) to postpone or cancel the Show, make amendments to the parameters of the site or the stand space and / or amend the planned times as set out above. The Show will not be responsible to any exhibitor or person for loss of profit or any consequential loss arising out of the cancellation of the event. The Show shall not be liable for any failure to perform its obligations pursuant to these terms as a result of flooding, fire, lightning, explosion, drought, ground conditions, act of God, act of terrorism, war, rebellion, sabotage, strike, disease or any other event outside reasonable control of the Show management. We suggest that insurance cover be considered by the exhibitor.

8. PASSES: The number of free admission and vehicle passes relate to the stand area booked - 2 passes per stand space up to a maximum of 10 passes. The Exhibitor shall ensure that its staff or authorized persons carry proper passes and identification at all times on the site. One vehicle per Exhibitor will be allowed on to the Show ground for the duration of the Show provided entry is before 9.00 a. m. and exit after 6.00 p.m. and the allocated parking area to be used.

9. SALES AND ADVERTISING: Only within the exhibitors allocated stand area should they sell, offer for sale or advertise their goods or services, including the distribution of leaflets, unless extra advertising space purchased. Level of business transacted is the sole responsibility of the trader. Branding by the Exhibitor should be in keeping with the style of the Show.

10. FUNDRAISING, COLLECTIONS, ETC: The Exhibitor shall not hold raffles or collections for contributions to its funds without the prior written consent of the Show management and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Only one official charity is permitted to fundraise each year at Tullamore Show.

11. CLOSURE OF STANDS AND EXITING: The Exhibitor shall not commence closing down its stand until 6 p.m. on the day of the Show. The Exhibitor shall leave its stand space completely clear of litter, please use skips provided. The Exhibitor shall restore its stand space to its original condition. The Exhibitor shall become liable to pay a fine of €200 for breach of these litter clauses. We suggest you take a picture of your stand before vacating the area. Security is the responsibility of exhibitor.

12. REGULATION AND HEALTH & SAFETY: The Exhibitor shall comply with all current regulation, including Safety, Health and Welfare Act and the guidance issued by the Health and Safety Authority in relation to it. The Exhibitor shall comply with all directions of the site Safety Officer.

13. INSURANCE: Public Liability - All exhibitors must have insurance policies in respect of public liability, with minimum of €2.5 million limit of indemnity, any one incident. A letter from their Insurance company confirming their Public liability cover and indemnities must be provided. The exhibitor must ensure that confirmation of their current insurance policy accompanies their Trade Stand application. Under no circumstances will any exhibitor be admitted to the show grounds without production of this evidence of their insurance (letter from Insurance company or broker-sample on website). The confirmation letter must be specifically extended to indemnify Tullamore Show Society, its agents and operatives including ISA and the landowner, against any claim for losses, damages or injuries whatsoever that may arise for the duration of the Tullamore Show on 12th August 2018 and including the 10 day period before and after the event which may be required for the setting up and clearing away of exhibitor stands from the show grounds. Agreement with our terms and conditions also confirms indemnity to above. The insurance policy must cover any loss or damage to the property of the Exhibitor, its employees, directors, agents, sub-contractors or other authorized persons in or around the site or visitors to the stand space 14. LOSS AND DAMAGE: The Tullamore Show will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from any source whatsoever. Each exhibitor should have adequate insurance cover in respect of such damage or loss

15. INDEMNITY: The Exhibitor indemnifies the Show and agents against all and any liabilities, losses, costs or expenses caused, directly or indirectly, as a result of any action or claim by any person of any breach by the Exhibitor of these terms or by act of negligence of the Exhibitor, its employees, directors, agents, sub-contractors or other persons authorized by the exhibitor.

16. LIMITS ON LIABILITY: Whilst the Tullamore Show Committee will provide General Security for the overall site area, each exhibitor is responsible for the security of their own exhibition and stand area. The Tullamore Show Committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from any source whatsoever. The Exhibitor is advised to make adequate arrangements for protection of their exhibits. The Show management accepts no liability for damage to property, personal injury, death or other loss caused to the Exhibitor or its authorized persons. The Show management shall not accept responsibility for the content, errors or omissions in the Catalogue.

17. BREACH: Any breach of these terms by the Exhibitor shall, without prejudice to any other remedy available, entitle the Show management to cancel the agreement with the Exhibitor and remove or request the immediate removal of the Exhibitor and its property from the site.

18. FULL DOCUMENTATION: No application will be processed without all the necessary documentation and information being forwarded before closing date, Friday 25th May 2018. SUBMISSION of APPLICATION DOES NOT GUARANTEE ALLOCATION OF SPACE