Record Breaking number of Sheep Breeds at Tullamore Show & FBD National Livestock Show 2023

Mon, 8th May, 2023

We are delighted to announce a new record for the Livestock programme in the sheep section with 18 Breeds competing in 121 classes to become the 2023

Champion of Ireland Premier Show.

We are thrilled to announced that both Swaledale and Lanark Sheep Breeds will be joining us this year. Both breeds are running their all-Ireland classes at Tullamore Show, and we cannot wait to see them compete.

The sheep section also offers classes in Commercial which include classes for the best Pair of butcher's lambs and best pair of factory lambs to name a few.

So do "EWE" have what it takes to become Champion of your Breed at Tullamore Show & FBD National Livestock Show.