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  1. LITTER: The Exhibitor shall ensure that their Stand Space is always tidy and be responsible for proper disposal of any litter.
    • The Exhibitor shall leave their Stand Space completely clear of litter, please use skips provided.
    • The Exhibitor shall restore their stand space to its original condition.
    • The Exhibitor shall become liable to pay a fine of €200 for breach of these litter clauses.
    • There will be litter wardens’ who have authority to perform any functions related to the control of litter on the day, and they will be inspecting all trade stand and can impose a fine on the spot or post event should a trade stand be not restored to its original condition.
    • We suggest you take a picture of your stand before vacating the area.
  2. POWER - Generators
    • No power is provided to outdoor trade stands, Exhibitors using generators must ensure that no petrol generators are to be used and safety precautions must be adhered to. 
    • Power can ONLY be supplied to general Indoor, Indoor & Outdoor food fair only.
    • Power supplied will be a 220V outlet, with a 5-amp load limit.
    • Power cost €50 per point.