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55: The Highest EBI Heifer/Cow in Milk (Animals from classes 33,34,50,52 and 53 with the highest EBI qualify for this class)

CATTLE ➤ Dairy Cattle ➤ Holstein Friesian Sun 11th Aug 2024
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Progressive Genetics
  • Animals will be judged on conformation
  • Qualifer Class 

Rules and Regulations 

  • The highest Holstein Friesian EBI Animal per class
  • Applicable to previous classes 
  • Winners will have to provide confirmation of EBI 

Department of Agriculture personnel will be checking Certificates of Compliance before entry is allowed to show grounds.

Rules & Conditions for Dairy Section

  1. Tullamore Show Society are adopting the IHFA Showing Rules in all Friesian classes. Please note updated IHFA rules relating to milking animals.
    see this link on website:
  2. A Certificate of registration is required for all Pedigree Cattle and it should be available, if required, on Show Day, 11th August 2024.
  3. All classes except the confined classes will be National Livestock Classes.
  4. First prize winners in National Classes will receive a Rosette and specially commissioned National Livestock Show Medallion in addition to a cash prize.
  5. The Champion of each Breed will receive a Gold Medal, Rosette and Sash . The Reserve of each Breed will receive a Silver Medal and a Rosette .
  6. Overnight accommodation is only accessible from 12.00 pm on Friday, 9th August 2024.
  7. . Washing facilities are available on site. Showgrounds open from 6.30am on Show morning 11th August 2024.
  8. On Show Day, livestock must be stalled-up in the designated areas and not left in trailers or in the overnight shed.
  9. Exhibitors erecting gazebos are responsible for their secure erection and stability at all times.
  10. Exhibitors whose animals remain in the Overnight Shed after 9.00 am on Show Day will forfeit their prize money (if applicable).
  11. Animals must be halter trained.
  12. All Champions and Reserve Champions must take part in the Parade of Champions (at 4.30 pm approx.) when the Presentation of the Gold & Silver medals takes place. Medals and prize money may be forfeited if exhibits are not presented.                    

Important Notice to Animal Owners involved in Showing Animals.
The Irish Shows Association would advise all animal owners to have their animals insured and to have the insurance cover extended to cover them while showing animals at Shows. We understand that it costs very little or nothing at all, depending on whom you have insurance with.

N.B. Please Note Livestock Issues inside the Back Cover and General Rules at the end of the Schedule.

Please note that, due to our restricted facilities in the livestock area, at this stage we are unfortunately unable to accommodate livestock to which the Export Health Regulations apply. (See back of Schedule.)

Closing date for all hardcopy entries is: Monday 1st July 2024.
Closing date for all online entries is: Friday 5th July 2024.



Judging commences at 12.15pm in Ring 1

All animals must be pedigree registered with cert.

Please note updated IHFA rules relating to milking animals at the back of the schedule. They can also be found on or

N.B.:Animal details must be provided on the entry form for all classes, Otherwise entries will be disqualified. 

Entry Fee:  
Start Time:  
3:40 pm
Prizes:   1st - €200.00 , 2nd - €150.00 , 3rd - €100.00 , 4th - €75.00 , 5th - €50.00