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476: Ridden Cob Class

HORSES ➤ Horse Showing ➤ Ridden Hunters Sun 11th Aug 2024

General Rules & Regulations 

  1.  The Committee reserve the right to cancel a class or classes or to have some classes amalgamated on the grounds of insufficient entries.
  2. Exhibitors will be responsible for having exhibits shown in a  proper manner and numbered according to the Show catalogue.
  3.  Decision of Judges in all matters will be final. 
  4.  No Person will be allowed to enter the judging ring with judges in any class except the stewards of the class and those in charge of the animals. Any exhibitor interfering with judging can be disqualified. 
  5. No animal shall enter the judging ring wearing a Rosette, except in champion of the show classes.
  6.  We are affiliated with ISA, IPS and Horse Sport Ireland.
  7.  Horse Riding is a dangerous sport and all competitors in ridden classes are strongly advised, for their own safety, to wear appropriate head gear which complies with up to date safety standards.
  8. The use of mobile phones in the judging rings is strictly forbidden.
  9. Classes 445 & 446 are kindly sponsored by Horse Sport Ireland
  10. Late entries will be accepted on show morning. Late entries will incur additional cost of €5.Entries can be made in secretary tent on show morning. Entries accepted until 12 O Clock Show morning 

Enter Online on Late Entries can be made on show morning also. 

All rings commence at 10.30 am sharp.
The Organisers reserve the right to amalgamate or cancel a class with insufficient entries, in all rings.
N.B.: Dept. of Agriculture & Food requirements in relation to horses and other equines.
The registration number of the premises from which horses come, together with the passport number of the animal must be given on the entry form.

Online Entries available on Entries can be made on show morning 


Horses must be 4 years old and over.

Ring Area:  
Entry Fee:  
Start Time:  
10:30 am
Prizes:   1st - €120.00 , 2nd - €80.00 , 3rd - €50.00