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606: Fancy Dressed Dog (Open to all)

DOGS ➤ Showing Sun 11th Aug 2024

Showing/Obedience Classes: Gain Kindness Dog Food
                                                   K9 Care (Training and Grooming)
                                                  Tullamore Veterinary Clinic
                                                  D & S Hardware, Tullamore

Championship: Gain Kindness Dog Food

Showing Classes: Trophy & Dog Food to Winners, Dog food for placings.   
Obedience Classes: Trophy & Dog Food to Winners, Dog food for placings.
Champion: Perpetual Cup & Rosette Reserve Champion: Rosette

Rules and Conditions

  1. Judging commences at 12.00 noon sharp
  2. All dogs must be led and remain on a lead in the show ground
  3. Entries taken online or through the show office - see below for closing dates
  4. Puppy class is confined to dogs under 1 year old
  5. Fancy Dress Class is open to all ages (Children and Adults)
  6. Enter as many classes as you like

Closing date for all hardcopy entries is: Monday 1st July 2024
Closing date for all online entries is: Friday 5th July 2024

ENTRIES TAKEN ON SHOW DAY, 10-11am Strictly.


Sponsors: Classes: Gain Kindness Dog Food
                                   K9 Care (Training & Grooming)
                                  Tullamore Veterinary Clinic
                                   D & S Hardware

                                   Dorothy and Vincent Bermingham

No entries permitted on day of event.

Entry Fee:  
Start Time:  
2:00 pm