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528: 4* or 5* Multi-Breed Shearling Ram and Upwards

SHEEP ➤ 4* or 5* Multi Breed Ram Classes Sun 11th Aug 2024
Sponsored by
Irish Country Meats (ICM)

This Class is open to all Genotype 4* or 5* Shearling Rams and Upwards

Full tag Number must be submitted with entry to ensure that genotype rating can be verified. 

Dispatch documents will be required and will be inspected by the Department of Agriculture officials.

Prizes: Prize money as outlined.
First Prize winners also receive a specially commissioned Medallion.

Rules & Conditions for the Sheep Section - See Rules & Regulations at back of the Schedule 

  1.  All pedigree animals entered in the Sheep Section must be registered with the relevant breed society or association.
  2.  All sheep must be tagged and have a completed dispatch docket.
  3.  Record of Movement must be recorded on owners' dispatch dockets.
  4. Sheep from both scrapie and non-scrapie monitored flocks are permitted to attend.
  5.  Animals being exhibited in the Commercial Sheep Section cannot be exhibited in the Pedigree classes on Show Day.
  6.  Only cataloged entries can be exhibited on Show Day.
  7.  All animals must be correctly tagged. (Note Department Rules at the end of the Schedule.)

All sheep to remain on the Show Grounds till 3 pm 

The Irish Shows Association would advise all animal owners to have their animals insured and to have the insurance cover extended to cover them while showing animals at Shows. We understand that it costs very little or nothing at all, depending on whom you have insurance with. The reason for this advice is that if your animal lashed out and injured someone or damaged someone’s property and it was established that your animal was out of your control at that time, you may be held responsible or partly responsible for any injury or damage caused and you may end up paying all or part of any settlement reached.

N.B.: If exhibitors require rails to divide pens, we advise that they should bring their own stock.

Judging starts at 11.00 am

Closing date for all hardcopy entries is : Monday 1st July 2024
Closing date for all online entries is: Friday 5th July 2024

No entries accepted on Show Day.

Entry Fee:  
Prizes:   1st - €140.00 , 2nd - €100.00 , 3rd - €60.00